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Walkers for Breast Cancer research gather at Senate
Even an "older child" like Janet likes to visit Santa
Santa was NOT the only thing getting attention at the Senate -- the food was too!
'Ol number 9, "Mr. Hockey" visited the Senate.
Santa's 'elves' helped out during his Dec. 4th visit.
Young children were captivated by Santa Claus.
George gets ready for an outdoor party.
The Senate looking west of Haggerty.
The Senate at Bushwood.
Outdoor patio during flowery bloom.
The Senate patio as seen from the golf course.
The flowers make the Senate patio a lovely setting.
Why not plan your party for the Senate patio?
Outdoor parties at the Senate are fun!
The party guests are arriving -- mmmm- smell that food.
Landscpaes and sunsets are great on the Senate patio.

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